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Sensory Design
Interior Branding

Engage your senses*

We are committed to create a frame for life that is unique. We respond to residential and commercial clients’ needs by bringing solutions with high level of innovative and original design.

We pride ourselves in using design of excellence through exclusive details materials from the finest craftsmanship, custom build furniture, personalized fragances from France, and high technology devices to build exceptional interior design.

Sensory Interior Design

Enhances the sense of identity that can be experienced by guests, and reaches their emotions. It communicates the right perception of space.

Engage Your Senses

We are an Interior Design and Consulting agency, we specialize in Sensory Interior Design for Residential and Commercial projects.

Interior Branding

Is a pluridiciplinary approach for Interior Design that includes Conceptual Brand Development, Communication with the stakeholders and Creation of Interior design.

High Quality Interior Environment

Designing with Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) embellishes the space to a unique interior that looks and feels exactly like you dreamed it.

Tailor Made Services

Commercial Design

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand” Paul Rand.

Bea Interior Branding’s vast knowledge of commercial interiors and corporate identity comes from a background in international marketing, brand identity and brand strategy.  We create authentic commercial interior designs in which workers and clients experience your brand.

Residential Design

“Home is the most sensual place, it is the heart of humans”

Your home is personal and unique and it holds many spaces: for cosiness, safety or activity and fun, luxury, leisure, entertainment, or relaxing..
We can design your own individual Frame for Life.

Office Design

“Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

Bea Interior Branding designs functional spaces based on human behavior and business strategy. We create interior branding and space planning concepts that will reveal the brand, increase performance of the staff and that will enhance clients experience.

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